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We help moms get out of the chaos of this new life and be the best mom they can be.

Oh Mama,

do you feel like a failure as a mom?

Are you feeling alone and isolated as a new mom?

Mama, do you sometimes feel ashamed, guilty of not parenting your child(ren) the way you want? With respect and love for everyone ?

Does your family life feel like chaos with screaming, meltdowns and other behaviour challenges? Oh mama, you are not alone !

I understand how it feels and I can help you find more calm and confidence in your mothering abilities.

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How I understand the feeling of overwhelm about being a new or experienced mom when you have no village to rescue you or support your daily questions!

You have a baby, a toddler and you want to feel calm, in control of this new phase of life.

This is what I do with new moms, moms and their family, with my Oh mama coaching programs, I support you through your daily struggles, so you can:

  • stop feeling like you're failing
  • be the best mom you can be
  • gain confidence in your daily actions and feel in control of your emotions
Understand Mothers' Stories Podcast

My name is Adeline, mom of 2 children, with a Montessori background and a passion for helping moms who have no immediate support and lack their village. I know this reality too well and I want to share with you how I went from lost to thriving because I want to see you and your family blossom. I support mamas with no village and feelings of struggle in their daily lives. I am also the host of Understanding mother stories podcast: a 10 minutes podcast talking about everything motherhood related, for new moms and seasoned moms, you will get tips on mom well-being, respectful parenting with a dash of Montessori education. Whether you are a mama with a new baby or a toddler mama, I am happy to support you.

Not having a village to raise your child is something I know very well, THIS is my family life. I am excited to tell you that it does not have to be horrible. Together, we will bring back your mama groove!”

Here's how you can work with Adeline:

Mama and family

1:1 coaching

Individualized to your family's needs

New Mama

1:1 coaching

Personalized mentoring for new moms

What I love about my work is to see moms go from feeling like the assistant of the family to be the confident CEO of the family.

Ready to feel in control Mama ?

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Here is what you need to do:

1. Book a call

On this free call we discuss how best we can help you with the mama life struggles.

2. Choose your program

In order to have the best results we help you find the right coaching program that will fit your needs.

3. We work on it

Together, we will find your confidence and make this daily life calmer and empowering.

4. You get results

Be ready to be this amazing mom who has control over her mama journey.

Enjoy your life!

We were never meant to raise our children isolated from our village!

Ohmama is here to support you when you feel alone and overwhelmed.

Adeline gives you the tools to find confidence in your daily life, to make you feel in control of your emotions.

When you believe in your power to handle life as a mom, you can answer your needs and the needs of your family.