Mother and child
“Hello Mama, my name is Adeline, motherhood mentor for moms with no immediate support. Not having a village to raise your child is something I know very well, THIS was and is my family life. I am excited to tell you that it does not have to feel horrible. Together, we will bring your mama groove!”

After 20 years of teaching with different schools and ages, I realized that being parents and raising my own children with grandparents 5000 kms away from our family was going to be tricky, because, NO, raising a child is not all natural and obvious all the time. I had to figure out how to be a mom, with no village present, coming to my door supporting my family everyday and anytime we needed. My passion for happy families and confident moms became even more obvious after I had my second child. Inspired by my Montessori background and certification in matrescence (aka learning how to be a mother), I have put together tools and steps for mothers to feel empowered by their mothering choices. I believe all families deserve a chance to function without the constant struggles, yelling and the mom feeling like “I am done! I want to quit!!! Can I quit ? … Wait no I can’t, I am in charge here!”

So, do we feel in charge or under the pressure to be in charge?

Story of my mama life until… I found my groove.

I have also created Respectful mothering: a way of connection between mom and child that focuses on RESPECT for not only the child but also the mother, because “MAMA deserves respect too!”

Child’s development is always a focus of my approach just as much as mamas well-being and I am bringing both together to live in better harmony and understanding.

My goal is to support YOU Mama into creating the family life you deserve and want so you can be the best mom you know you can be.

My approach is tailored for you and your family to find what works for you..

Away from my family and finding a new balance as my children grow, I use a specific framework that I will also use with you and your family as well. My work experience as a Montessori teacher, especially with babies and toddlers, as well as my own “Mama with no village experience” has brought me to work with you, FOR you and your family.

I am also living in a context of neurodiversity and a constant balance of life being shifted around. I can support you into feeling ready for life changes as seasons of life go by and support you in understanding your child’s development.

“Let’s aim to see you and your family thrive!”